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Any type HDD,SSD, External HDD, Flash Memory, SD Card, Mirco SD Card, RAID, NAS, Mobiles, DVR,

Server Data Recovery
Recovered data from RAIDs with various failures
Servers are used for different purposes. There are different types of servers such as file servers, mail servers, database servers, game servers etc. To provide enough capacity for large data arrays, usually servers use RAIDs.
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NAS/SAN Data Recovery Service
Do you need to successfully recover your data from NAS or SAN devices?
Remember, if you trust your device to amateurs once, you can lose your data forever. Proper diagnostics should be provided with the assessment of the condition of your NAS or SAN device.
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Desktop Data Recovery Service
Do you need to recover lost files from your desktop? We provides professional Desktop Data Recovery Service.
Recover your lost data from a wide range of HDDs and SSDs with different form-factors, capacities and interfaces. Desktop data recovery process significantly depends on what type of storage medium is used in your desktop.
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Laptop Data Recovery Service
Lost your files? Don't worry we can get it back for you
Commonly laptop computers come with HDD or SSD in 2”5 form-factor, sometimes with SSD in the original performance. Laptop Data recovery process significantly depends on what type of storage medium is used in your device.
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External Drive Data Recovery Service
Please don’t save any new files on your hard drive. Just bring it to us
Have you lost your files which used to be on your external hard drive? First of all, don’t panic and don’t switch on and off your hard drive if you want to make your data recovery process easier.
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Professional SmartPhone,Tablet, Camera Data Recovery Service
Do you need to recover data from your phone?
First of all, kindly be advised not to save any new files onto your device. Any data recovery process (be it phone, tablet or camera) starts with a proper diagnosis.
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Data Recovery Service For
The Most Common Failures

If you are worried because you think that the type of data might be an issue, so no worry. Whether you are concerned about your personal or family pictures, financial records, business documents or any other sort of data, we ensure you efficiency and security. We realize the importance of personal or professional data and we make sure that we do not let our clients down.

  • The hard drive (HDD) has been dropped (mechanical damage) or won’t boot up after a power outage
  • Raid controller failure
  • No operating system has been found
  • Liquid has been spilled on the hard drive (PC, laptop or external storage device) / hard drive (PC, laptop or external storage device) has been dropped into water (water damage)

Working with all kinds of Brands

Make sure you choose the right company the first time because you may not get a second chance to recover your data.

With the most advanced recovery capabilities WE will help you recover your lost data


Our services are efficient and equally helpful regardless of the type or the capacity of the device. You can count on us for your data recovery related issues and concerns and we promise to help you.

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